Ashyln Adams, a student at Providence Day School, recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday. Rather than accepting personal gifts from her guests, Ashlyn decided to raise funds for Freedom School Partners. She raised over $1,000! “I think it is really important that kids get the education they need.” Ashlyn first heard about Freedom School Partners through one of her former teachers. “My second-grade teacher was a big advocate for Freedom School, so it’s always been a part of my life.”

Ashlyn received a great response from her classmates wanting to support scholars. Students even found her at school the next day to donate towards the effort. “I was really excited that we raised that much money, because it can be used to get needed supplies.” Ashlyn knows that not all students have the same access to educational opportunities like she does and chose to use her birthday to make a difference for others.

Ashlyn and friends celebrating. 

Ashlyn’s mother, Covell, is also no stranger to Freedom School Partners. In years past, she would participate in the monthly supply drives organized at Providence Day that benefitted Freedom Schools, volunteered on a committee, and will be joining the FSP Board of Directors in 2023. She fully supported Ashlyn’s idea of raising support at her birthday party. “It was sweet to see her friends get in on it too”, Adams recalls. In addition to the dollars they raised, almost all of the contribution made by Ashlyn and her friends was matched by the Levine Foundation, doubling their impact!

Ashlyn and her mother both believe in the important work of Freedom School Partners and encourage others to get involved.