Every summer, college students from all over the region search for summer internships. These opportunities help to build their networks and explore career options. At Freedom School Partners, we provide a summer internship that offers more than work experience. We offer college students a unique opportunity to become Servant Leader Interns (SLIs) and gain durable skills while making a profound mark on the lives of scholars. Our program’s focus on summer learning has proven to be transformative and joyous , not only for scholars but also for interns.

As the first week of Freedom School in-town training comes to an end, anticipation fills the air. Meet Arielle, a sophomore at UNC-Charlotte, is ready to embrace her role as a first year SLI. Drawn to the program’s deep roots in African American history and the Civil Rights movement, Arielle eagerly immerses herself in Freedom School’s rich legacy.


Jailyn, a junior at Winston-Salem State University, sought a summer experience to shift her perspective. As a SLI, Jailyn seeks to create a positive spark and foster community. Guided by FSP’s belief that “the scholars are our why,” our SLIs understand scholars are at the core of their work, and the reason we are continuously building community partnerships, advocating for summer learning, and creating opportunities for young learners.

As we embark on another summer of learning and literacy, we celebrate our amazing interns, knowing that their dedicated efforts will make a lasting impact in the lives of scholars and the community. Their stories show the transformative power of servant leadership and the extraordinary potential of college students to be catalysts for change.

Looking for ways to engage with us through the summer? Check out our upcoming volunteer opportunities here.