Freedom School Partners’ summer internship program helps to champion the success of Charlotte scholars. It may look like just another summer job, but this is truly an opportunity like no other. FSP’s Student Leader Interns (SLIs) serve as the positive force combatting summer learning loss in our classrooms. They go through an extensive application process and undergo 90 hours of professional development training locally with community partners like Read Charlotte, as well as joining the Children’s Defense Fund National Training.

After one summer with FSP, SLI’s can step into an additional space of leadership called, Servant Leader Ambassador. (SLA)

“Servant Ambassadors serve as leaders within the internship program, for example, with the SLI’s, a lot of them are first years and might be scared to do the cheers and chants during training, so we help get them confident before they enter the classroom,” says Jackson.

Jackson has been a part of the FSP summer staff for the last three summers, and this year will be her second summer serving as a Servant Leader Ambassador.

Each summer we witness SLI’s return to continue immersing themselves in our important mission and work in the community. We have also had the honor of having former interns come back and assume leadership roles. For example, Tiffany Williams, our Chief Programs and Partners Officer, once started as a SLI in the Summer of 2007.

Why do you choose to come back to FSP each summer?
“I love kids, I love working with kids and seeing growth. It’s my passion.”

What did you mean by, seeing growth?
“Growth as in, I have seen kids gaining a love for reading who did not have that before and also seeing them become confidence in themselves whether it be socially or academically. Seeing them grow as people.”

What kind of impact do you hope to have during your time with Freedom School?
“The impact I hope to leave with Freedom School, is to instill a confidence within the scholars. I want every scholar to know that whatever they set their mind to they can do. Nothing can hinder them.”

Jackson recently graduated from UNC Greensboro with her degree in Elementary Education. She plans to continue her journey with FSP, and aspires to teach in her future.

The Freedom School ‘magic’, as we call it, is the secret sauce that creates the inspiring team here at FSP. This summer over 96 summer staff will serve 700 scholars throughout the summer. Click here to find out more about our summer internship program.