Leadership that makes a difference

Servant Leader Interns (SLIs) turn learning into lightbulb moments—and conversation into inspiration. These college students serve as classroom leaders and are instrumental in teaching, supporting and leading scholars throughout the six-week Freedom School experience.

From delivering a literacy-rich curriculum to facilitating a wide variety of afternoon enrichment activities, SLIs build strong relationships with our scholars and help ensure our scholars are excited to attend Freedom School every day. In short, they’re critical to the experience of each scholar.

Why be a Servant Leader Intern?

It’s a summer job like no other. Not only do you gain paid professional development experience , but you impact the learning curve and potential of each scholar in your classroom. SLIs grow as leaders and acquire networking opportunities geared toward continued direct service and advocacy on behalf of children and families.

Are you Servant Leader Intern material?

Our Servant Leader Interns are hired through a competitive recruitment and interview process. New hires then go through 90 hours of comprehensive training. SLIs should be experienced in working with groups of children, responsible, energetic, possess the ability to think on his/her feet, be a good leader and a strong role model.

Are you up for a summer job you’ll always remember?

Find out why our interns love Freedom School Partners! Hear directly from some of our Servant Leader Interns.

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