Brittaney Major is the community relations and events manager at Belk Corporate and helps to oversee relationships with their Hometown Partners. Freedom School Partners joined the Hometown partnership just two years ago. “It was right in the beginning of all the chaos of virtual learning. We wanted to make sure that we had localized grassroot partners in our hometown of Charlotte.” Belk, although a new partner, has been a major supporter of Freedom School Partners in many ways. Belk has been the presenting sponsor for our annual summer kick-off, Spring into Summer, for the last two summers. In 2021, Belk graciously hosted Spring into Summer on the top floor of their parking deck to ensure the safety of all attendees. Our partnership with Belk allows Freedom School to bring a unique summer learning experience to the community of Charlotte.

Brittaney has had many learning experiences over the last few years when it comes to how to best serve community partners. “We had to navigate how to support the vast and diverse the needs of the community. Realizing that there is a huge supply chain issue in every area of the world, and that we are able to provide things as simple as bags for scholars to put their books in.” Belk has stepped up as an astounding community partner in multiple ways, learning and growing through the process.

Continuing with understanding what a love of learning is to all our stakeholders, Brittaney states, “Of course we think of learning and education as higher education, going through school. But it’s having the freedom of exploration and being able to gain knowledge.” Major mentions that this is a principle that must continue to be instilled in the next generation, as well as ensuring proper resources are available to make that happen. “That is something that I am able to do in this job. Belk has so many resources, whether it’s in other community organizations or monetary resources, just being able to make those connections.” One takeaway Major offers from her time working alongside Freedom School Partners is to remember that just one act can change a life. “Understanding that one act of kindness, one area of support, one donation, any type of support can help to provide something that a child needs to help them grow into their future and continue a love of learning.”