Jubilee was the most amazing Freedom School experience. I was right in the middle of the hype while collecting content for our jam-packed Instagram story. It was the most fun I have had at Freedom School so far this summer! I knew the energy was high when the scholars first walked in. They were super ecstatic, which made me more excited. During the Cheers and Chants portion each site presented their own creative chant. Competitiveness was definitely in the air – The Grove and Renaissance West even had a little hype battle which was entertaining to watch. The rest of the day was filled with work and amazing moments. Seeing the joy Freedom School brings out in scholars was rewarding to witness. A special bonus was the fact that I was able to see certain staff members that I do not normally see. I realized that Jubilee is for everyone and having the opportunity to laugh and dance with everyone while seeing all of our hard work paying off was amazing.

This week put me to the test as I worked on the weekly newsletter. There are some components that I feel like I am getting better at as time passes. I was able to write up a recap of an interview Annalise did with a parent. As I was writing it, I could feel the writing skills Annalise has been teaching me come to light. I really felt liked I owned this week’s newsletter, which I normally do, but this week felt different. I cannot explain why, but I think I am getting good at this.

A new task that I received this week was to make the Jubilee Recap video. This project made me work hard, but also made me smile in the end. I worked with a program I had never heard of before with functions I was not familiar with. It took some time, a few YouTube videos, and Annalise’s help, but I finally completed it. It was such a joy to watch. To relive the greatest moments of Freedom School put such a big smile on my face. I really do love my job here at Freedom School. Though there are challenges, there are even bigger rewards.

Check out the video I made here!