Meet Bill Geiger.

Bill Geiger joined us at at the beginning of October to help provide guidance as we move forward in our work. Thank you Bill for your leadership during this time!

Why Freedom School Partners?
FSP was one of the first community organizations I became aware of when I moved to Charlotte in early 2016. Along with the Opportunity Task Force (now Leading on Opportunity,) Read Charlotte, and Community Building Initiative, I am grateful to have found FSP and others so deeply committed to strengthening community. It is an honor to join the FSP team in support of our vision, mission, and impact.

How will you support FSP during your time here?
The whole team at FSP – staff, board, donors and volunteers – do powerful, impactful work in the community. That work will continue during this period of leadership transition. It’s more about a leadership transition – the psychological process that people go through as they internalize and come to terms with the new situation – than change. It’s recognizing and embracing that “when the winds of change blow, some seek shelter while others build windmills.” Both can be necessary and healthy. More specifically, it’s providing leadership that assures everyone can bring their full selves to FSP, are supported in doing their best work, and enjoy being a part of the FSP movement.

How do you feel FSP is impacting education equity in Charlotte?
Opportunities for youth and families are, kindly, uneven due to systems and structures that create advantages for some, and leave others behind. FSP has a proud history of scholars whose lives are enriched by their engagement in the Freedom School program. Summer learning and enrichment can mean the difference between continued success in school and in life and setbacks hard to overcome.

How do you see FSP continuing to make a difference in the CLT community?
Our website says it all: “Freedom School Partners changes the future for under-resourced students by giving them three life-changing tools: literacy skills, character strengths and a community that believes in them.”.

What is your favorite part of living in Charlotte?
That’s easy: grandkids. We call our four grands the “Carolina Hurricanes.” In addition to supper at our house most Sundays, we cheer them on at school activities, on the sidelines at soccer and flag football games, and go on adventures together. In addition, we’ve found Charlotte to be a wonderfully welcoming community.

Bill’s Family