Honestly, the beginning of this week did not get off to a good start (due to personal reasons) but everything is looking up as Jubilee comes closer and preparation has kicked into high gear. We are making lists and checking them twice, to be sure that the celebration is just right. Because Jubilee is coming to Freedom School! (Ha ha see what I did there). I truly am so thrilled for Friday to come! It’s Spirit Week at Freedom School and staff are participating as well. Friday is Hawaiian shirt day. I thought I was going to have to buy my spirit outfit for Jubilee, but I looked in my closet to find a Hawaiian cardigan that I will definitely be wearing.

I forgot about Pajama Day on Monday, which was sad because who doesn’t love wearing pajamas to work. Nonetheless, I am determined to participate for the rest of the week. It was fun to see everyone dressed up, especially the sites. The scholars seem super excited about dressing up this week, which is nice because I get to see their anticipation grow with mine.

Including the slide deck, I am in charge of the decorations and signage for this week’s celebration. The Jubilee welcome banner came out super cute! It is whimsical and fun, which is exactly what I think Jubilee will be like. We have also collected posters from each site. On these posters, each scholar and staff member signed their names to show their site pride. This year, one unique part of Jubilee is that each of the 12 sites have created their own cheer and chant. I am looking forward to that the most. This is a time for each site to show their love for Freedom School and summer learning. I am hoping to capture all of them on our social media sites to share with all of you.

Freedom School is almost over, with only 2 weeks left and I am still looking forward to things to come! Jubilee being at the top of my list. Normally I look forward to Fridays because they mean the weekend is here. However, this week I am looking forward to Friday because I feel like Jubilee will be the highlight of my Freedom School and summer experience.