Working with Children in Charlotte who Most Need
but can Least Afford Summer Literacy Opportunities

Freedom School 2016 will take place June 16 - July 27

Reading Can Rewrite the Future

When a child opens a book, it unlocks their imagination and their possibilities.

The more a child reads, the more their knowledge and confidence grow.

With each page turned, the gap between them and opportunity closes. Children who are strong readers are more capable of keeping pace, moving ahead and fulfilling their dreams. Limited means should never mean a limited life.

Freedom School Partners is ensuring that every child who needs it, can have access to books and the better future
that comes along with them.

Why Freedom Schools?
Why Freedom Schools?
Low-income children are susceptible to falling two to three years behind in reading from lack of access to quality summer learning programs.
What We Do
What We Do
Freedom School Partners ensures that low-income children maintain or gain reading ability during the summer by providing a unique six-week program that unlocks their long-term potential by igniting their passion for reading and learning. We do this by creating rich and vibrant classrooms of discovery in collaboration with diverse community partners.