Working with children in Charlotte who most need
but can least afford summer literacy opportunities

If lower income children can’t continue to learn through the summer, they fall behind their higher income peers.
By the end of third grade, lower income children are typically two to three years behind in reading, due in large part to summer learning loss.
Without significant intervention many will never catch up.

See the video below for more information about summer learning loss
and the problem Freedom School Partners is working to address:

Why Freedom Schools?
Why Freedom Schools?
Low-income children are susceptible to falling two to three years behind in reading from lack of access to quality summer learning programs.
What We Do
What We Do
Freedom School Partners ensures that low-income children maintain or gain reading ability during the summer by providing a unique six-week program that unlocks their long-term potential by igniting their passion for reading and learning. We do this by creating rich and vibrant classrooms of discovery in collaboration with diverse community partners.