Addressing the Problem
What We Do

Addressing the Problem


Freedom Schools are unlike other summer programs because they give children three resources needed to develop their potential and inspire a love of reading and learning – literacy skills, character strengths and a community that believes in them.


FreedomSchool_2015-133The integrated reading curriculum (IRC) engages children in books that reflect diverse cultural images and history. IRC encompasses cooperative learning, role-playing, group discussion and creative writing.

Through our literacy program, scholars build personal libraries, establish dedicated reading times, and participate in an energy-filled morning pep rally with singing, cheers and a community guest reader.

More than 85% of children maintain or gain reading ability during Freedom School.

Social-Emotional Skills

Children build social and emotional skills by participating in activities that promote resilience, conflict resolution and self-control. Research shows these skills are vital to success.

Afternoon activities include chess, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), field trips, cultural immersion and team building.


Strong, healthy and consistent relationships help children realize their potential.

Parents participate as volunteers to show children they support their learning and experiences. Healthy meals, transportation and daily encouragement provide children with emotional and physical security.

Our classroom ration is 1:10, one Servant Leader Intern to ten scholars.


College students called Servant Leader Interns serve as our classroom leaders and gain paid professional development. These Servant Leader Interns are hired through a competitive recruitment and interview process.

Each intern goes through 90 hours of comprehensive training.

“I have watched scholars in my class go from shy to asking meaningful questions and participating. I’ve watched reading comprehension improve among many scholars.” -Servant Leader Intern


Harambee! is a high-energy pep-rally that begins every day of Freedom School with a celebration of reading, learning and every child’s ability to succeed. This is an inspiring time of songs, dance, cheers and chants and story time from a community guest reader.

If you want to participate as a Harambee! reader please contact Tommy Hudnall