How You Can Help



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Freedom School Partners wants to build a lasting and meaningful relationship with you! Together, we will make a strong collective commitment to children that leads to a sustainable change in our community. In summer 2018, Charlotte will serve over 1,200 scholars at 16 locations.

Who Can Volunteer

We welcome all ages of volunteers, with some restrictions for children, youth and high school volunteers. Click here for more information on the guidelines for youth and teens.

How Do I Get Started?

We require volunteers who engage with our scholars to sign our “Child Protection Policy” by creating an online profile (see exceptions below).

Following are the steps:
•Go to our Volunteer Hub page
• Click Register in the top right corner
• Create a User Name and Password.
• Read and agree to the “Child Protection Policy” (see question #1).
• Under the question “Please list the name of the Freedom School site (or special activity) that is your primary volunteer location” or you can sign up as a “General Volunteer.” In spring 2016, you will be able to log in to sign up for specific activities at specific Freedom School sites.

Read at Harambee or Donate Supplies

During the summer for 30 minutes every weekday morning, a community member joins the merriment of songs and cheers to read a story to our scholars. If you are interested in being a guest reader at one of our locations please call 704-371-4922 for more information.

Donate Supplies
Click here to see our needs and to donate much needed supplies.

Questions about Volunteering?

If you have any questions about volunteering with Freedom School Partners please call 704-371-4922.